Joint Interfaith Statement for World Food Day

World Council of Churches logoAs people of faith, we join in committing to pray and act against hunger at this time when 811m people worldwide go to bed hungry each night, hunger has increased globally by 25% since 2019, and across the globe more than 41m people–around half of them children–are at risk of falling into famine in 43 countries.
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Respecting Diversity In The Coronial Process

The Coronial ProcessThe Victorian Government has welcomed recommendations from the Coronial Council of Victoria to improve the experiences of multicultural and multifaith communities during the challenging coronial process.Read more…

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Grand Imam Al-Tayeb: “Fratelli tutti” important for Muslims too

Grand Imam Al-Tayeb: "Fratelli tutti" important for Muslims too

The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar speaks to Vatican Media about his relationship with Pope Francis: “From the first minute of our meeting I had confirmation that he is a man of peace and humanity. The encyclical is an appeal to create a true fraternity where there is no room for discrimination on the basis of differences of religion, race, gender, or other forms of intolerance.”

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Lecture: Embracing Cultural Diversity in Australia

Embracing cultural diversity in Australia

The Australian Human Rights Commission invites you to the Annual Kep Enderby Memorial Lecture, delivered by writer Alice Pung on the theme, Embracing Cultural Diversity in Australia. This event (free) will be held online on Friday 29 October at 12pm.

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Picnic 4 Peace – Lighting a Candle for Afghanistan

picnicpeacePicnic 4 Peace is a local organisation in Shepparton that conducts many events for our multicultural community. It began as an annual observance of International Day of Peace with a picnic at Victoria Park Lake, and then extended to having picnics at many locations in the Goulburn Valley. In 2021, due lockdown and events in Afghanistan, Picnic for Peace was held online on 21 September – International Day of Peace. This online event focussed on Peace for Afghanistan.
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TrinetraThe Mother Goddess is well known in Hinduism. Almost every God in Hinduism either has a consort or a feminine counterpart. Shiva is Ardhanareeswara – both male and female; Ganapathi has Lakshmi for his consort, just as Krishna has Radha, and Rama has Sita. Divine forms take birth as human in order to overcome evil and restore righteousness to the Earth. Each year, there is a festival of the Mother Goddess – Navarathri (with a few spellings) which celebrates the victory of good over evil with the blessing of the Mother Goddess, who has many names and forms.
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Slavery in our suburbs: The matrix of marriage, migration and abuse

The matrix of marriage, migration and abuseVictoria’s Minister for Women and Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams is advocating for the federal government to increase protections for migrant victims of family violence, including women on temporary visas.
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Online Forum Tonight: 4 October

GV Health logo

Goulburn Valley Health, in partnership with the Victorian Government and the Greater Shepparton City Council, invites you to an online community information session this evening, Monday 4 October from 5:30pm.

The intention of this forum is to keep you informed relating to:

  • The current situation in the Greater Shepparton region
  • Emergency relief available to you and your family

Speakers from Goulburn Valley Health and Victorian Multicultural Commission will be present to provide this information, answer questions and respond to key issues faced by the local community.

Please join us on our Goulburn Valley Health Facebook page from 6pm.

Auslan interpreters will be present.

Thank you for your efforts to help keep Victoria COVIDSafe.


Online Forum Shepparton



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Benalla: St Joseph’s Church damaged in earthquake

St Joseph's Benalla damaged in earthquakeBenalla’s St Joseph’s Church has been standing tall on Arundel St since 1908. The second incarnation of the church, it replaced the original building, which was erected in 1866. In its time it has survived fires, floods and minor tremors. On Wednesday, however, it shook and swayed with the rest of Victoria as the magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit.
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Gandhi’s Birthday Reflections

MK Gandhi

October 2nd is the birth anniversary of Gandhi. INTERFIDEI (Indonesia), it is pleased to inform you that they are organizing series of Talkshows titled: Reflections on the Meaning of the Three Gandhi Issues in Interpreting the Practice of Religious Life in Society.

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Care for Environment – Buddhism

Ordination of TreesA major aim of Buddhism is to relieve suffering, the root causes of which are greed, ignorance, and hatred. The monks see the destruction of the forests, pollution of the air and water, and other environmental problems as ultimately caused by people acting through these evils, motivated by economic gain and the material benefits of development, industrialization, and consumerism. As monks, they believe it is their duty to take action against these evils.
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To Build a More Peaceful, Equitable, and Sustainable World, Interfaith Dialogue is Fundamental

Planet with hands reaching up

Marking this year’s International Day of Peace, an expert group of religious, cultural, and peace-building leaders today underscored the importance of interfaith dialogue in achieving a more equitable and sustainable future.

Observed on September 21, the International Day of Peace advocates for a world free of war and conflict. As the global pandemic begins to ease and the planet looks ahead to a post-COVID-19 era, this message of harmony has particular resonance.

Over the last eighteen months, it has been the most vulnerable communities that have suffered the greatest. With unequal access to healthcare, they have been less sheltered from the virus, while a rise in hate speech and discrimination has impacted them disproportionately. To make matters worse, there has been an increase in nationalism, authoritarianism, and intolerance globally.

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Six Facts about Jains in India

Jain nunsJainism is one of the world’s oldest religions, originating in India at least 2,500 years ago. The spiritual goal of Jainism is to become liberated from the endless cycle of rebirth and to achieve an all-knowing state called moksha. This can be attained by living a non-violent life, or ahimsa, with as little negative impact on other life forms as possible.

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Glasgow Multifaith Declaration on Climate Change

Glasgow Multifaith Declaration on Climate Change

Faith leaders from the United Kingdom and Scotland have come together to publish the Glasgow Multifaith Declaration in which they commit to reflection, prayer, meditation, and worship to reflect on how to tackle the climate crisis.

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