Meditation Session in Shepparton

buddhist meditatioBuddha taught the many benefits of meditation more than 2500 years ago — and modern medical science confirms this – and reinforces those benefits in study after study. The good news here — aside from reinforcing Buddha’s teachings — is the benefits are broad spectrum. All sorts of people — who live incredibly diverse lives and have very different problems — can find the same benefits and wonders in meditation. The Buddhist Association of the Goulburn Valley invites you to participate in a Free Meditation session on Saturday 28th of May 2022 from 3.00 pm to 3.45 pm.
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Climate Change and Mental Health Event

Indigo Shire Youth for Climate Action (ISYCA) brings together young people from around Indigo Shire and North East Victoria to connect and act on the challenge of our Climate Emergency. This event is a chance to talk about climate change and mental health, and to learn some strategies for addressing these challenges. We will be hearing from the amazing youth mental health advocate, Billy McCarthy-Price. Date: Wednesday 25th May Time: 5.30 – 7pm AEST Online using Zoom.
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Get a Life! ~ What you can (and cannot) do to help your child get back into life post-COVID

University of Melbourne logoDo you worry about your child post-COVID? Are you concerned about their development and your contribution as a parent? Dr. Andrew Wake will provide a basic understanding of motivation and share his knowledge on what parents can do to create change while their kids are dependent on them.

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Shepparton Vesak Observance 2022

Idol of BuddhaTo Buddhists, around the world, the most important day of the year is Vesak (Wesak) — a day set aside to honor not only the birth (circa 563 B.C.), but also the enlightenment (528 B.C.), and the Parinarvana of Guatama Buddha (483 BC). Vesak falls on the full moon called the “Flower Moon” — this year the Buddhist Association of the Goulburn Valley will celebrate Vesak in Queens Gardens on Saturday, 28 May at 4pm. ALL are welcome to participate.
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Menu of events: two years of Shepparton Culture Kitchen

Shepparton Culture Kitchen

In celebration of a collaborative two years, Shepparton Culture Kitchen is hosting a range of events which will see the community step into its kitchen. In production with Multicultural Art Victoria, Greater Shepparton City Council and Point of Difference Studio, Shepparton Culture Kitchen is one of five projects supported through VicHealth’s Art of Good Health program.

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Noosa Temple of Satan education challenge dismissed by judge as ‘jumble of confected nonsense’

Noosa Temple of Satan

A Supreme Court judge has dismissed a group of Satanists’ bid to teach religious classes in some Queensland schools, describing the case as a “deplorable waste of state resources” and a political stunt.

Justice Martin Burns also directed group founder Robin Bristow to appear before him in two weeks to prove why he should not be prosecuted over his testimony.

Mr Bristow’s attempt to meet legal criteria of a religious organisation resulted in a “jumble of confected nonsense”, Justice Burns found.

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Zen Buddhism: How to Practice Zazen

Zen Buddhism: How to Practice ZazenThere are many forms of meditation that offer you the opportunity to cultivate stillness and open up space in your life. One such form, zazen, has both outward and inward instructions in how to engage your awareness in the immediate, uninterpreted experience of the present moment. Zazen is being awake but letting go, experiencing your present moment awareness without thought or story.

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Understanding Tonglen: The practice of giving and receiving

Understanding Tonglen: The practice of giving and receivingWe are witnessing a shift towards embodied philosophies and practices that value the holistic integration of mind and body, where care of self and others become crucial to how to live and work. This workshop presents contemplative practices based on research that aims to find ways to integrate mind/body awareness and cultivation principles and techniques into personal reflection and expression. The Contemplative Studies Centre offers a Free overview of this practice commencing Tuesday 17 May 2022

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What’s happening in our brains when we meditate?

A large group of Buddhist monks wearing orange robes meditating

Whether it’s prayer, meditation, tai chi, or just chanting, every major religion weaves some form of contemplative practice into its rituals. You don’t even have be religious to enjoy the widely acknowledged benefits of contemplation. Meditation is commonplace in the secular world too, as a way to develop insight and transformation by stilling the mind.

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A Brief History of Holocaust Denial and Distortion

Holocaust Denial and Distortion

Yom HaShoah – the commemoration of the Holocaust, occurs on Wednesday, April 27. Holocaust denial and distortion is occurring worldwide. Understanding what Holocaust denial and distortion are, how they differ, and where they overlap is crucial to countering these dangerous trends and to protecting an important memory for humanity: never again.

Holocaust denial and Holocaust distortion are not new. Knowing the history of Holocaust denial and distortion—from the Nazi era to today—can help us better recognise when these tactics are being employed. This can help prevent us from believing and spreading such disinformation, which harms democracies and threatens open, pluralistic societies.

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Saving Notre Dame chronicles effort to rebuild France’s famous cathedral

Saving Notre Dame

On April 15, 2019, the world watched in horror as the roof of the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris caught fire. The blaze spread rapidly, and for several nail-biting hours, it seemed this 850-year-old Gothic masterpiece might be destroyed entirely. Firefighters finally gained the upper hand in the wee hours of the following morning. Almost immediately after the fire had been extinguished, French President Emmanuel Macron vowed to rebuild Notre Dame.

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Peace and Alternatives to War

Peace and Alternatives to WarThe Raising Peace Network invites you to a series of talks about peace this Anzac Day Weekend. From 23rd – 25th April 2022, leaders in peace, diplomacy, and justice will speak on the most critical topics within the peace-security nexus: First Nations’ perspectives, climate change, AUKUS, and alternatives to war.
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When is the Anzac Day public holiday this year and will people be standing in their driveways again?

The ANZAC march

Celebrated annually on April 25, Anzac Day is one of the nation’s most important days on our calendars.

This year’s Anzac Day will see a return to communities coming together, as commemorations and dawn services are set to take place across the country.

Whether you’ve recently moved to Australia or you were born and raised here, having an understanding of what Anzac Day is and why it is so important to Australians is integral.

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