Shepparton CollageThe Shepparton Interfaith Network evolved from inter-religious works of the Shepparton InterChurch Committee, principally with the instigation of a Multi Faith Chapel at Goulburn Valley Health. A conference was conducted in 2007, there were pre-parliament events in Association with the Parliament of the World's Religions held in Melbourne in 2009, and a formal Interfaith Network was formed in July of 2010.


  • From late 1980s Hospital Prayer Room working with Albanian Imam Bardi to initiate a Prayer Room. It was eventually ready and blessed 2001)
  • From 1990s Shepparton InterChurch Council December dinners - Muslim guests were regularly invited, with reflections on Advent-Christmas and Ramadan, or other Muslim celebrations.
  • May 31,1999 Interfaith Prayers for Kosovo Refugees - Alex Rigg Theatrette, setting the pattern for readings and prayers from various traditions, led by leaders of these traditions
  • April 28, 2001 Dedication of Interfaith Chapel at GV Base Hospital - after years of planning
  • March 7, 2003 Interfaith Prayers for Peace - St Brendan's Hall
  • September 2004 September 11 interfaith prayers at St Brendan's
  • September 20, 2004 Interfaith prayers at the Albanian Mosque - an open meeting for men and women, Muslims and Christians, with speakers and prayers from each tradition. A Christian woman gave an address.
  • October 4, 2004 Interfaith Prayers for Peace hosted by GV Health for hospital staff
  • October 4, 2004 Sikh prayer service at St Brendan's Hall, followed by a meal.
  • October 11, 2003 InterChurch Council lunch for six Iraqi and six Christian women at Wesley Sacred Space
  • January 7, 2005 Interfaith Prayers after Tsunami - 400 present; eight faith communities participated, leading prayers and readings, with symbolic actions. Welcomes by the Mayor and four politicians.
  • May, November 2005 Two days with Rumbalara and KEE for learning and sharing. Iraqi lunch.
  • June 2005 Discussion about formation of an InterFaith Network with Muslims
  • April 2006 Project Abraham: seminar 130 present, exhibition, schools' programme Jewish, Christian and Muslim involvement. Read a summary of Project Abraham
  • September 2006 two Interfaith meetings about setting up a network
  • March 2007 Multifaith Gathering to close SheppARTon Festival - Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians led prayers and readings
  • September 25, 26 2007: Cultural Diversity and Social Harmony: the Goulburn Valley Experience conference - La Trobe, Ethnic Council, COGS Two-day conference for academics, service providers and migrants
  • 2007 InterFaith Network discussions continue at InterChurch Council meetings
  • 2007 Contact with the Sikhs after vandalism to Sikh Temple
  • 2008 GV Health Chapel - renewal, enlarging planned ...
  • November 2008 Parliament of World's Religions - visit of Helen Heath - well attended by Muslims and Christians
  • Turkish Community Iftar with guests from the ICC, to become an annual invitation
  • Involvement with Sikhs informal visit to the Temple
  • January 28, 2009 Interfaith Prayers for Peace in the Middle East and Africa 150 present. Readings and prayers from each of the three Muslim Imams and their communities, with commentary; Christians and Congolese and Sudanese communities, the latter with both Christian and Muslim participation.
  • July 25 2009 Open Day, Sikh Temple Hundreds of visitors who greatly enjoyed the information session, the prayers and the wonderful meal.
  • August 20 2009 Poverty Workshop, Albanian Mosque - our pre-PWR event
  • November 28 2009 Pre-Parliament of the World's Religions Green Faith Walking Humbly - gathering at Sikh Temple shared with local Christians and Muslims, and followed by a meal.
  • April 2010 Visit of two Indonesian Interfaith Visitors to Wodonga - arranged by the Uniting Church
  • July 5, 2010 Inaugural meeting of Shepparton Interfaith Network
  • August 2010 Visit of twelve Indonesian Interfaith Visitors over three days, as part of the Uniting in Faith program of the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania
  • March 21, 2011 In celebration of International Harmony Day, Shepparton Interfaith Network and Voice for Harmony conducts a forum: Building Relationships: The Goulburn Valley Experience
  • May 2011 Visit of Sister Trish Madigan, OP, who delivers a presentation on Welcoming People of Different Faiths - Why and How
Photo Credit: University of the Third Age, Shepparton


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