View of Shepparton
The Aims of the Shepparton Interfaith Network are, among other things, to,


  • Realise and recognise the humanity and dignity of every resident of Australia and the Goulburn Valley; every refugee and asylum seeker, regardless of their origin or background, and to work tirelessly together to overcome all forms of prejudice and discrimination. The Interfaith Network, in collaboration with other agencies and community groups, seeks to implement and supports all projects which bring people from all backgrounds together, and help build positive relations and communal harmony.

  • Challenge negative popular and political discourse which confuses religious identity and human security. Human security is a function of community protection, an activity of local, state and federal governments. Religious identity is a function of religious freedom in Australia. Violent and oppressive ideologies have no place in Australia nor the Goulburn Valley. The overwhelming majority of religious people and spiritual seekers in Australia and the world strongly reject and condemn all forms of violence, persecution and hate speech.

  • Publicly acknowledge and support the shared positive moral, ethical and spiritual values inherent in all the world’s great religions: we engage in common spiritual endeavour together and work for the peaceful and harmonious existence of people of all religions and those of none.


As an Interfaith Network drawn from diverse religious traditions and beliefs, our work as a multi-religious association is based on the firm belief that the values, beliefs and hopes that bring us together are far greater and more powerful than the differences that distinguish us. As our efforts in common have reminded us once again, people of all religions and none need not agree on everything in order to agree on the most important calling of our time: the need to work tirelessly for greater peace, respect and love across the Goulburn Valley, Australia, and the wider world.






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