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Shepparton Interfaith Network is an incorporated not-for-profit body which seeks to promote harmony, cooperation and understanding among the faith communities of Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley. The Shepparton Interfaith Network promotes social cohesion and community building with the community at large through its meetings, interfaith encounters and dialogues, and partnering with community organisations to promote all the dimensions of social cohesion: participation, belonging, worth, social justice and equity, and active citizenship.

Meetings are conducted on a bimonthly basis, usually at a centre of worship.

Membership is open to all who accept the purposes of the Shepparton Inter-Faith Network. There is an annual membership fee of $10.00

1. The Purpose of an Interfaith Network:

a. to promote peace and harmony in our local communities;

b. to build relationships of friendship and trust among members of the various faith groups in the area;

c. to find ways of improving cross-cultural understanding, respect and tolerance by providing community and school education programmes

d. to identify any social issues – racism, discrimination in housing, employment, access to education or health services and to encourage interfaith grassroots initiatives in addressing issues

e. to encourage local social support networks, service providers and university research teams to assist in identifying such problems in the community

f. to encourage interfaith and civic dialogue at leadership levels both among religious groups, community organisations and at local, state and federal government level.

g. to undertake any other activities which may foster stronger links and good community relationships in this area.

You may join the Shepparton Interfaith Network by completing the form below. On receipt of your application you will be added to the Interfaith Network mailing list. The National Privacy Principles are observed by the Interfaith Network and your details will not be given to any other party.

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