Jewish Youth visiting the Western Wall

Western WallOn Monday, July 9, our group ended a long day in Jerusalem’s Old City with a visit to the Kotel, also called the Western Wall. We had learned from our group leaders of its rich history as the last part of the Second Temple to remain standing, as well as its spiritual value and symbolism to Jews across the world. We had been briefed about the differences between Orthodox and Reform Jews and the possible challenges that could result at the Wall. With all that in our minds, I could feel a sense of curiosity from the entire group as we were separated by gender at the security entrance and entered the holy site.

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Judaism: Searching Oneself on the Way Forward

Rabbi Stephen S. Pearce, senior rabbi emeritus of Congregation Emanu-El of San Francisco writes of the Journey: the biblical journey of Abraham, and the inner journey of those who follow the footsteps of Abraham in faith. Abraham embarked on two journeys: one physical, to settle the land of Canaan; and the other, spiritual, to make a great nation, thus becoming the progenitor of the People Israel.

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