The psychology of radicalisation: Lego Islam

Why do people who care little for jihadist ideology take up the cause? The question arises because suicide bombers who invoke Allah often know little about him. An international study assessing the data of 330 IS recruits last year revealed: the more religious knowledge the men ascribed to themselves, the less willing they were to carry out a suicide attack. What motivates those who are willing to carry such atrocities is therefore key to answering the question of prevention.

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Countering Violent Extremism Requires a Whole-of-Community Approach

Countering violent extremism in Australia is a difficult task, fraught with political, cultural and religious sensitivities, exacerbated by social tensions and lack of understanding across various communities. One unintended consequence of the desire to secure our nation has been to heighten these tensions and divisions in many communities across Australia.

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Muslim Radicalisation: Where Does the Responsibility Rest?

The problem of Muslim radicalisation is exaggerated and overrepresented in political, media and public discourses. In this article, Halim Raine says that the problem of Muslim radicalisation has clearly grown over the past several years and the contributing factors need to be considered. ... Read more...

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