The Psalms: A Doorway to Jewish-Catholic Dialogue

The Psalms: A Doorway to Jewish-Catholic DialogueThe Psalms: A Doorway to Jewish-Catholic Dialogue” is the work of the Canadian Rabinnical Caucus and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops over a period of five years. In the last five years, while delving into historic issues and current questions, the members of the Dialogue have also been deeply enriched by the time devoted in each gathering to the study of a psalm from both traditions. This presentation of a selection of these reflections is an effort to share with the wider community the fruits of this study.

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Nostra Aetate: Cordial Relations with Other Religions


Last October marked the fiftieth anniversary of Nostra aetate (“In Our Time”), the Second Vatican Council’s Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions. There were celebrations in Australia on the signal importance of this document. Commonweal (a Catholic Magazine) has devoted a great deal of space over the years to explaining and exploring the significance of Nostra aetate for Catholic-Jewish relations. Some theologians understood this document opened the door for the Church to accept non-Christian religions. Other theologians did not. You may read the Commonweal article here.