When Christmas is hard to bear …

Christmas is a time when memories surface and some people may feel regret, pain or suffering the loss of company, loved ones, and perhaps, are alone. Christmas brings different responses from people, be they spiritual, agnostic, culturally diverse or even, alone. Seasonal and cultural events can evoke different, perhaps regretful responses in people, for we never know their journey until we have walked in their shoes. Here we tender for your consideration some perspectives on feeling blue at Christmas, and the grief evoked by Christmas when loved ones have passed over or are simply not there.

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Australian Citizenship Test

FECCA, the Federation of Ethnic Community Councils of Australia has made a submission to the Australian Government consultation on Australian Citizenship. The unnecessary proposed changes to the citizenship test, pledge and eligibility criteria which are included in the Government’s citizenship discussion paper. Changes to the Citizenship Test are challenging and largely unfair to those who are language-deprived for many reasons and seek Australian Citizenship.

The Shepparton Interfaith Network regards the FECCA submission as a balanced, thoughtful contribution. In particular, the Shepparton Interfaith Network welcomes the FECCA proposal that a pre-citizenship course on Australian values and democracy be part of the process.

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