Climate Change and Mental Health Event

Indigo Shire Youth for Climate Action (ISYCA) brings together young people from around Indigo Shire and North East Victoria to connect and act on the challenge of our Climate Emergency. This event is a chance to talk about climate change and mental health, and to learn some strategies for addressing these challenges. We will be hearing from the amazing youth mental health advocate, Billy McCarthy-Price. Date: Wednesday 25th May Time: 5.30 – 7pm AEST Online using Zoom.

Indigo Shire Youth for Climate Action (ISYCA) brings together young people from around Indigo Shire and North East Victoria to connect and act on the challenge of our Climate Emergency. We raise up the voices of young people, including young First Nations Australians, in our community. We aim to:

  1. Create: build a network of local young people and facilitate discussion on climate issues.
  2. Connect: act as a contact point for organisations and decision-makers such as our local Council to reach out to young people to communicate about important issues like the climate emergency, while also helping local young people feel comfortable in reaching out to others in the community about their concerns and ideas.
  3. Educate: provide local young people with opportunities to learn more about climate and environmental issues, as well about local government processes; and support young people to educate our community about the climate emergency and sustainable living.
  4. Act: provide a space, capacity building opportunities, and encouragement for local young people to develop and enact their own plans of action on climate and environmental issues.

– About the event –

This event is the forth in ISYCA’s North East Youth Climate Series of events to engage our community in discussions and capacity building for community sustainability, resilience and action. The Youth Climate Series is supported by the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, and OzGREEN.

In the past months, we’ve had feedback from young people in the area that they are hesitant to be a part of our events and programs because they are worried about the impact these conversations will have on their mental health. Our own team has faced these challenges. When the future is uncertain, and young people are under a lot of pressure to stand up and find solutions to the world’s problems, it is very easy to feel a sense of anxiety, overwhelm or even depression about our future.

Therefore, we decided to hold an event to build the skills of young people to deal with the mental health impacts of a changing climate. We cannot face these challenges without making sure that we look after our own mental health and wellbeing. And we can’t always do this alone. ‘Looking after your mental health in an uncertain world’ will give young people from the North East the chance to explore the reasons why climate change may impact our mental health, to explore the idea of power and control over our lives, to identify our windows of tolerance and ways that we can expand these, and to look at strategies and support mechanisms for addressing these challenges. Whether you have previously felt impacted by this uncertainty or not, these skills will help build your resilience in facing your future.

The event will be run by ISYCA, and facilitated by Billi McCarthy-Price. Originally a country kid from Esperance, WA, Billi McCarthy-Price is a provisional psychologist finalising her Master of Clinical Psychology degree at Deakin University. A former CEO of not-for-profit Global Voices, Billi is passionate about creating opportunities for young people to develop the practical skills required to meaningfully engage in domestic and international policymaking. Billi completed combined Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science (Hons) degrees, at the University of Western Australia and Sciences Po Grenoble, and previously worked in roles at the Department of Defence, Victoria Police, and youth mental health organisation, Orygen.

We understand that these conversations will be around sensitive topics, and may be difficult for some young people to engage with. We will endeavour to make sure that all participants are supported through this process and can engage to the level that suits them. Billi will leave time for mindfulness breaks and will encourage smaller group discussions throughout the session. This event will focus on strategies for addressing any mental health challenges that arise for young people in an uncertain world, and on maintaining hope. We hope, that it will form part of an important toolbox that helps young people continue to be essential actors in improving our communities and our world.

If you are a young or young-ish person from North East Victoria, whether you have felt the mental health impacts of uncertainty before or not, register here to attend. Feel free to share this opportunity with your friends/colleagues!

– Details –

Date: Wednesday 25th May
Time: 5.30 – 7pm AEST
Event Address: Online (Link will be emailed to prior to event)

Any private information we collect in this form will be held securely by ISYCA and not shared with outside parties.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at, or via Facebook (iscyouthforclimateaction) or Instagram (isyca20).

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Climate Change and Mental Health Event




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