The Compassionate Companions Project

The Compassionate Companions Project

We have always said that yoga changes the world ONE YOGI AT A TIME. With this project, when you graduate you can do just that through your work as a Compassionate Companion. You can change the world, one person, one client at a time… or by enrolling your senior students with us, could be instrumental in helping hundreds.

It is up to you. This is not a counselling course. It is learning how to sit, how to Be, how to listen. ” Doing by not doing” as they say in the Zen tradition. It sounds easy – it is not. The simplest things turn out to be the hardest things.

The Compassionate Companions Project in collaboration with Australian Yoga Journal will present Training for Grief and End of Life Vigil – the “end of life doula”. This is a home study and Zoom course officially launching on the 22nd July, 2021.

COMPASSIONATE COMPANIONS is a course that will give you the ability to offer something that is desperately needed in today’s highly medicalised and hectic world — genuine human companionship when people are in trauma and/or grieving, or at the end of life, most especially for those who have no one to care for them, not just the terminally ill.

A Compassionate Companion will assist in making the road ahead an intimate, sacred and rich experience for everyone involved, whether medical support is required or not, whether at home, in a hospice or hospital – creating ‘home’ wherever you are. 

As people learn more about the dying process, they want the end of life to be as good as it can be for their loved ones – but they themselves may be hesitant about helping. Companions, Vigilers, or Doulas can now be consulted.
They are trained professionals, “Companions” who help the loved ones feel supported in an environment that is often confronting, and overwhelmingly medicalised.

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Compassion, not counselling
Compassion, not counselling


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