The Compassionate Companions Project

The Compassionate Companions Project

We have always said that yoga changes the world ONE YOGI AT A TIME. With this project, when you graduate you can do just that through your work as a Compassionate Companion. You can change the world, one person, one client at a time… or by enrolling your senior students with us, could be instrumental in helping hundreds.

It is up to you. This is not a counselling course. It is learning how to sit, how to Be, how to listen. ” Doing by not doing” as they say in the Zen tradition. It sounds easy – it is not. The simplest things turn out to be the hardest things.

The Compassionate Companions Project in collaboration with Australian Yoga Journal will present Training for Grief and End of Life Vigil – the “end of life doula”. This is a home study and Zoom course officially launching on the 22nd July, 2021.

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