Prime Minister’s Ramadan Message

Prime Minister of Australia

The Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP, gives a message to the Islamic communities of Australia on occasion of Ramadan 2020, albeit in a time of Coronavirus lockdown.

The holy month of Ramadan is a time of special devotion for Muslims across the world. It’s a time of fasting and prayer, as well as reflection and renewal.  

However, this year will be very different as we all experience a global health crisis.

It’s an unprecedented crisis — a once-in-a-century event. A global pandemic which requires us all to defend lives.

The coronavirus means that Ramadan will be spent at home. This year Iftars will only be with those you live with.

Like you, I wish it could be different. But we all must be mindful of our duty to each other: to keep people safe.

Life has changed, and it will continue to change in the months ahead. But Australians are a remarkably resilient people, and we are working together with a new sense of purpose.

Though we cannot gather together in our homes or our houses of worship; though there can be no pilgrimages; and no times of communal prayer, we can be together in spirit.

We can take heart from the depth of traditions and teachings that have endured through the centuries, and sustained people through times of adversity. We can continue to love one another, and to pray.

Today, the world is more in need than ever of the hope and strength of spirit that faith imparts.

So I encourage all of you in the Muslim community to stay strong. And I thank you for all you give to Australia — this special place we call home.

Scott Morrison PM



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