The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary at GV Health

The Sanctuary is a Multi faith space in Shepparton's Hospital, at Goulburn Valley Health. Shepparton Interfaith Network were involved in the planning and consultations for the design and usage of this room.

The Sanctuary is for the use of patients, visitors and staff as a place for prayer, quiet reflection or meditation. It is open to people of all faiths, or no faith.

View of entrance to The Sanctuary

This tranquil space may be used for special services and other religious observances, and includes a small room within it for family meetings and counselling.

Small room in the Sanctuary

It also benefits from a growing library of spiritual and religious books, which are available to anyone who visits the room. Please do not remove them from the room.

Sacred Books repository in the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is open at all times, and you are welcome to come in. We only ask that you are sensitive to the needs and rights of others who may wish to use the room.

The Splinter Arts Group provided the artwork for the Sanctuary. The central work of art is the Tree of Life, which contains the symbols of all religions:

Tree of Life with symbols of religions
Tree of Life, by Sue Reid
showing the symbols of all religions

The Splinter Arts Group also provided several paintings which adorn the external wall of the Sanctuary in the main coridoor of the hospital:

Paintings on the wall outside the Sanctuary

The first painting (adjacent the door) is Towards the Light by Terry Butler

Towards the Light by Terry Butler

Another painting, Water in Free Fall, was provided by Kathryn Carroll

Water in Free Fall by Kathryn Carroll

Another artwork was provided by Lynn Hume. This is entitled "Secret Place".

Secret Place by Lynn Hume

A further work of art, "Bright Poppies" was provided by Margaret Lawry

Margaret Lawry also provided a Tryptich called "Bright Poppies":

Bright Poppies Tryptich by Margaret Lawry

The Sanctuary makes a quiet, restorative space in the busy confines of Goulburn Valley Health, the major hospital in North East Victoria. The room is in regular use by staff, visitors and patients and fulfils the multifaith needs of the region.

The Sanctuary, Goulburn Valley Health, multifaith room, Shepparton, Victoria

Photo Credits: Shepparton Interfaith Network

Artwork Copyrights: Goulburn Valley Health and Splinter Arts Group


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