Hamas/Israel conflict – Onshore support

Department of Home AffairsThe Department of Home Affairs outlines visa conditions for those affected overseas by the conflict in Gaza. Support for communities in Australia affected by this conflict is also outlined.

  • The government has no dedicated resettlement program for Gaza.
  • Australian Visitor visas are routinely provided to individuals who meet eligibility criteria, including appropriate identity, security and character checks.
  • A Visitor visa allows the holder to enter and remain in Australia temporarily. Most Visitor visas allow a three month stay.
  • Applicants must declare how they will support themselves while in Australia.
    • Many applicants indicate that an Australian relative will assist them during their stay.
      • Australian relatives should not agree to support family members without considering the possible costs and impact on them. The visa holder may not be able to contribute to the financial costs of living in Australia.
    • A Visitor visa holder cannot work while in Australia.
    • There are no Commonwealth government funded settlement supports for Palestinian nationals who arrive in Australia on visitor visas.
      • A Visitor visa holder will not receive JobSeeker payment, Age pension or Status Resolution Support Services. More information on eligibility for payments and services is at https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au
  • Before their visa expires, a Visitor visa holder may choose to:
    • Leave Australia
    • Apply for another visa that suits their circumstances.
  • Any person who believes they meet the requirements for a Refugee or Humanitarian visa and wishes to seek Australia’s assistance can make an application.
    • Each application is considered on its individual merits using current and comprehensive information on circumstances in the relevant country.
    • Permanent protection visa applicants who are granted an associated Bridging visa, which allows them to remain lawful in the community while their visa application is being processed, may have access to a range of services offered by the Government. This includes Medicare and the public health system, education for school aged children, assistance with finding employment, if they have work rights, translating and interpreting services and if eligible, the Australian Government’s Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) Program.
  • The Australian Government has committed to support Australian communities affected by the conflict, including $25 million to the Executive Council of Australian Jewry Inc (ECAJ) and $25 million to Australian Palestinian, Muslim and other communities.
  • The $25 million for the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, to be distributed through the National Council for Jewish Community Security, will immediately improve community safety measures across Australia.
  • Additionally, $25 million will be used to provide direct support to Australian Palestinian, Muslim and other communities.

Refer also associated Government Media Release: Supporting Australian communities affected by Hamas attacks on Israel and ongoing conflict | Ministers’ Media Centre (education.gov.au)


Department of Home Affairs




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