Youth: The Sydney Statement

Youth PoWR – the Youth Parliament of the World’s Religions will launch the Interfaith Charter, the Sydney Statement, online, live on Facebook on evening of THURSDAY 15 October 2020, 7-8pm. You are invited to cast your vote for building bridges between religions.

In 2019, Youth PoWR, (Youth Parliament of the World’s Religions) young adults from different faiths, generated content for an interfaith charter called The Sydney Statement.

Through their participation in workshops in the north, south, east and west of Sydney, you contributed ideas about how best to breakdown religious divides and promote interfaith dialogue and action in our multi-cultural and multi-religious city.

Together, Youth PoWR shared your hopes for a harmonious society.

Together, Youth PoWR helped generate a list of values, principles and actions for building bridges between believers from different religions.

To assist you, Western Sydney University shared their analysis of interreligious statements from other cities around the world, including Athens, Vienna, and Washington.

Now, after 15 drafts entailing extensive consultations with your representatives on the Youth PoWR Coordinating Committee and the Steering Committee, including the Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh religions, with the Youth PoWR network and with selected religious leaders, your interfaith charter, The Sydney Statement, is ready for your vote!

LAUNCH The Sydney Statement live on Facebook on 15 October 2020!

VOTE for the interfaith charter Youth PoWR helped create. Your vote is your voice! Vote to build bridges between believers from different religions!

The Sydney Statement is yours!

Be sure to REGISTER your attendance on Humanitix to vote for The Sydney Statement!

All are welcome! Share, invite, unite!

Then head over to Youth PoWR’s Facebook page for the live launch on 15 October, at


Youth Parliament of the World's Religions - Interfaith Charter, the Sydney Statement
Youth Parliament of the World’s Religions – Interfaith Charter, the Sydney Statement


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