Climate Pastoral Care Conference – 2020

Climate Pastoral Care Conference

The unprecedented bushfires experienced around Australia, and particularly in NSW & the ACT, over spring and summer 2019/2020 further emphasized the need for climate pastoral care, and the idea of climate anxiety became newly concrete for many people as they faced the smoke and other impacts of the fires for themselves.

In June 2020, Common Grace and the Five Leaf Eco-Awards joined Uniting Earth as co-sponsors, and the conference was renamed the ‘Climate Pastoral Care Conference: Christian training in Care, Communication & Action’, to welcome greater ecumenical participation.

We are excited to gather online this year, and for the opportunities this offers for church leaders and interested parties from all around Australia and New Zealand to attend.

Bushfires, smoke, drought, flooding, hailstorms and more! Australia has really been feeling the impacts of climate change this year, and climate anxiety and grief seem to be at their highest level ever in our communities. How can we as churches, Christian leaders and pastoral practitioners, offer people the pastoral care and support they need at this time – both within our churches and in the wider community?

How can we empower our communities to take action on climate and advocate to government to increase their sense of power and agency, and decrease their climate anxiety? How can we be inspired by our faith to campaign for a safe climate future for all?

Come along to discuss, contribute and learn together. Be equipped with skills in best practice climate pastoral care, climate communication, and church climate action and advocacy by leading experts in each of these fields.

This is a must-attend event for anyone in the church who cares about God’s creation, loving their neighbours, climate and pastoral care.

Main Program:

Thursday 30th of July evening: 7pm – 9pm

Friday 31st of July afternoon: 12pm – 6pm

Saturday 1st of August morning: 10am – 2pm

Additional exercises and talks:
Thursday 30th, 12pm – sit spot exercise talk and reflection
Friday 31st, morning : nature connection exercises

Download the full program outline and speaker bios here:

Register online at Humanitix:
Registrations close 28 July 2020
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Climate Pastoral Care Conference - 2020




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