Shepparton: The Unbreakable Farmer

The University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health invite you to attend a Public Lecture Mr Warren Davies ‘The Unbreakable Farmer’ at The Learning & Teaching Centre, The University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health, 49 Graham St (opposite GV Health) Shepparton at 5:30 – 6:30pm on Thursday 27th March, 2020. *This is a community event and there will be no charge to those who attend.*

Mr Warren Davies is The Unbreakable Farmer. Resilience, persistence and determination are the three words that describe Victorian mental health advocate, and professional speaker, Warren Davies.

At the age of 22 Warren purchased his first farm and the harsh reality of being a farmer soon became evident: high interest rates, low commodity prices, flood and drought; all having an impact. Most significantly it took its toll on his mental health. This built up over time with his mental health spiraling out of control until he hit rock bottom and could not see a way forward.

While the stigma associated with mental health is slowly reducing in Australia, in rural communities the stigma of it is weak to discuss their emotional and mental health is rife. Mental health stigma is considerably worse in rural areas and the suicide rates are 40% higher than the rates in metropolitan areas.

Mental illness is made harder in rural communities since rural areas have fewer local services, professionals, and knowledge on where to access help. Additionally, people generally have feelings of embarrassment or fear to ask for help so they manage their problems by themselves. However, recognising when help and support is needed, either for yourself or for someone else, is very important.

Your mental health is critical to your overall health and well-being. You need good mental health to help you get through life’s challenges, to have healthy relationships with others and to enjoy life.

Warren will share his life lessons, his message is simple and so very important at a time when stress is seen as normal and depression is commonplace.

Event Details

Program: The Unbreakable Farmer by Warren Davies
Date: Tuesday 27 March 2020
Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Venue: The University of Melbourne,Department of Rural Health, 49 Graham St (opposite GV Health) Shepparton.
Enquiries: Di Doyle P. 03 5823 4512 E.
Bookings: Bookings are essential for this free public lecture. Register at
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