Multifaith Prayer Service – Grounded in Truth

Grounded in TruthThe theme of National Reconciliation Week 2019 is “Grounded in Truth”, walk together with courage. Many religions have much to say about truth, and truth for our indigenous brothers and sisters is expressed in connection to Country. Shepparton Interfaith Network in collaboration with St Mary’s Church Mooroopna will conduct multifaith prayers for National Reconciliation Week in Mooroopna on Monday 3 June.

“Reconciliation is ultimately about relationships and like all effective relationships the one between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians must be grounded in truth.”

Truth has many expressions in the world’s religions. Hinduism teaches that the Universe is based on truth; Buddhism has the Four Noble Truths. Christianity has Living the Truth as one of the main teachings of Jesus. Jainism has a methodology of approaching truth from many different points of view. In the World’s religions, Truth is expressed in many ways.

In the relations between those who settle here and the First Nations, being grounded in truth has an important dimension:

“Truth telling is not about engendering guilt or shame in non-Indigenous Australians but about addressing past injustices and serving as an “end-point to a history of wrongdoing”, allowing healing and for relationships to start anew.”

Truth and Justice go together hand in hand, in the world’s religions.

You are invited to Multifaith Prayer Service at the Marian Centre, St Mary’s Church Mooroopna, on Monday 3 June for prayers and to hear speakers from the multifaith communities of Greater Shepparton.

Program Details:
Program: Multifaith Prayer Service for National Reconciliation Week
When: Monday, 3 June at 2pm
Where: Marian Centre, St Mary’s School, 121/143 McLennan St, Mooroopna
Time: 2PM





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