Goulburn Valley Chinese New Year, 2019

The Goulburn Valley Chinese Association will celebrate Chinese New Year – Year of the Pig – at the Ian McLennan Pavilion, on Saturday, 17 February, commencing at 12:00pm

On February 5, we leave the Earth Dog and enter the 2019 year of the Earth Pig, closing a major 60-year cycle in the Chinese calendar — it takes 60 years to roll through every animal sign and element in both yin and yang aspects. 2019 brings us Ji Hai, the Yin Earth Pig. The last Ji (yin earth) Hai (pig) was 1959, so those born in that year are celebrating their 60th birthdays.

Characteristics of the altruistic Pig are optimism, gentleness, kindness, and honesty. The Chinese believe that the barnyard pig’s temperament is much like humans, as pigs enjoy listening to music, and are highly intelligent. Zodiac Pigs also enjoy luxury, comfort, and good food.

2019 – Year of the Earth Pig – Earth Pig is said to be happy

In 2019, the yin earth element (think of nurturing garden soil — gentle, maternal, supportive) combines with the pig or boar, associated with water; yin earth over water. While earth over water would normally be conflicted, the yin aspect of earth softens the relationship, bringing more harmony. That said, this is still an unstable combination (earth over water), so harmony is tenuous and delicate. The Pig’s water below can break through the flimsy yin earth above.

Download Chinese New Year Festival and Prayers (PDF)

Celebrating Chinese New Year

The Goulburn Valley Chinese Assoc Inc. is featuring Chinese New Year celebration, the largest and yet most important celebration by the Chinese people and people of Chinese descent in Greater Shepparton.

When:Sunday, 17 Feb 2019 Sunday 17th of February, 2019, at 12:00pm – to 4:00pm
Where: Sir Ian McLennan Centre, Mooroopna VIC 3629
Cost: FREE
Contact: Evie Teo on 0422 089 939 or g.v.chinese@live.com.au

On the day, we will have the community’s all-time-favourite, lion dance and many more exciting performances from different cultures to celebrate with us.

You will witness the traditional Chinese dances, live Chinese calligraphy demonstration, Chinese costume show award, choirs, ballroom dances and etc.

We will also have red packets “红包” to be distributed to every guests who stay on until the end of the event. Raffle tickets will be sold on the day with exciting prizes to be won!

We are looking forward to celebrate this event with you, your families & friends!

Food available:

Beef Rendang $10.00
Chicken Curry Puff $2.00
Nasi Lemak Chicken Spices $10.00
Laici Kang $10.00
Chicken Rice $10.00






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