Future Voices – Building Opportunity and Social Cohesion

Future Voices acts to build young people’s skills, aspirations and connection to the community. Future Voices develops better futures for young people through building hope and strong aspirations, understanding career paths and employment opportunities, linking with employers and local opportunities, especially in skill shortage areas, delivering life and work skill learning, work experience and mentoring, engagement of community and family in a holistic approach and strengthening cross cultural understanding and inter country relations.


Future Voices contributes to the building of peace and harmony, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue and learning through education, understanding different cultures, communication and information.

Future Voices advances education by providing life-skills training to young migrants and humanitarian refugees that experience multiple barriers so they can succeed in education, reach their full potential and contribute to the community.

The Future Voices program improves social cohesion by facilitating the positive transition of new arrivals into our communities.

The Three Pillars

The Building a New Generation of Leaders (BNGL) program is a youth leadership project that connects young humanitarian entrants and vulnerable migrants with mentors to close the unemployment gap and improve social cohesion indicators.

The Alumni strategy builds community capacity through collective action community projects driven by the alumni and their networks and communities. It is designed to tackle local issues through volunteering to improve civics, citizenship and cross-cultural dialogue.

A Global Citizen strategy – a regional youth leadership development project that aims to discuss international and national trends and link them to education initiatives to enhance cross-cultural understanding.

Future Voices is positioned as a driving force that highlights real issues that our communities face and creates opportunities for future generations. We specialise in creative innovation, empowerment, and advocate for the grass roots in communities to achieve their potential. It is a platform that targets and mentors youth aged 15 – 25 from refugee, migrant and low socio-economic backgrounds to create opportunities, enhance knowledge, foster and support community integration, and broaden understanding of different ways of living.

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