Solidarity in Mercy and Compassion

solidarityThe Shepparton Interfaith Network in conjunction with St Mary’s Church, Mooroopna and the Sadaat Foundation, will host a Multifaith Prayer for New Arrivals on Sunday, 28 August at The Hub, Mooroopna.

Multifaith Prayer for New Arrivals

A core value affirmed by many faiths is to welcome the stranger, the refugee, the internally displaced, the immigrant, the new arrival in my country. I shall treat him or her as I would like to be treated. I will challenge others, even leaders in my faith community, to do the same. I will have confidence in them, I will affirm, in faith, that they belong. Together with faith leaders, faith-based organizations and communities of conscience around the world, I affirm: I will welcome the stranger, the new arrivals in my home country.

One of the key foundation practices of people of faith is hospitality to the stranger. When new arrivals migrate, resettle, or seek asylum in the Goulburn Valley, our community gives opportunities to belong, to have acceptance, worth and participation in events in the community. Over time, we come to appreciate what the community has and to give thanks for typical Australian generosity, compassion and mercy for the stranger.

In this day and this time, in many countries, there are those who do not feel this welcome, this generosity; their experience is that of the outsider, the unloved, unwanted sense of rejection. Those people caught up in the changes to the world migration patterns have this feeling, including those who have arrived from these and other regions of the world.

Prayer, Thanksgiving, Peace

Solidarity in Mercy and Compassion, Multifaith Prayer for New Arrivals is a multi-faith event where talks, reflections and prayer in common is offered for the good of the all – here in Shepparton, in Australia, and in the conflict-riven parts of our world. You are invited to join with people of all faiths in solidarity. You are invited to come together in mercy anc compassion, you are invited to act for peace for all those experiencing fear, terror, threat, dislocation and lack peace, here, and elsewhere on our planet.

Event Details

Event: Solidarity in Mercy and Compassion
When: Sunday 28 August 2016
Time: 3PM – 4:30PM
Where: Mooroopna Community Hub, 23 Alexandra St Mooroopna (enter via Morelle St)

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Supported by Shepparton Interfaith Network, St Mary’s Parish Mooroopna, Sadaat Foundation.







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