Australian – Indian History Exhibition at Sikh Temple

auindianThe Australian Indian History Association will stage a photography exhibition at the Sikh Gurduara Sahib Temple, 240 Doyles Road, Shepparton on Sunday 15 May from 10:00AM. Showcased in this exhibition will be the influence early Indian settlers had on Australia.

About the Australian Indian Historical Society

The Australian Indian Historical Society is a group interested in researching, preserving and publicising Australian Indian History with the aim of reducing racism in the community. The Australian Indian Historical Society Inc., a non-profit organisation, was formed on the 31st March 2012 by the following four Sikh Gurudwaras in Victoria; Sikh Community of Western Victoria Inc., Tarneit, Sri Guru Singh Sabah-The Sikh Cultural Society of Vic. Inc., Craigieburn, Sri Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha, Blackburn and Gurudwara Sri Guru Granth Sahib Inc. Keysborough. Our objective is to bring to the attention of all Indians including Sikhs, the marvelous contribution that Indians have made to the development of Australia, and where necessary to correct Australian History to include the achievements of non-English people, including Indians, and to have the amended version of Australian History taught in all schools across Australia.



Booth Singh also known as Punjaub Singh
Booth Singh also known as Punjaub Singh


Booth Singh also known as Punjaub was born about 1861 in India. He lived in Australia for 34 years or more but his wife remained in India. During that time he worked as a hawker in the Numurkah and Shepparton district. In March 1922 Punjaub had a nasty accident and fall, while driving his wagon across the bridge over the Broken River in Nathalia, when his two horses shied at a car and turned around several times on the road, upsetting all the goods in the wagon. He was still hawking in the Numurkah area with his friend Bhagwan Singh in 1928. On Tuesday 12th May 1931 at aged 70 Punjaub died of cardiac failure and old age,. He had been under the care of Dr. Norman J. Parker. Charles Hilliard a farmer in the area was present when Punjaub died. On Wednesday the 13th May, Punjaub Singh’s remains were cremated at the Numurkah Cemetery, by one of his compatriots who ensured that Punjaub was given a Sikh Service. There were also many townspeople who had known and befriended Punjaub on his hawking rounds who had come to pay their respects. Some of his teeth and ashes were sent to India and the remains of the cremation were buried on the site at the cemetery as was the regulations at that time. Len Kenna and Crystal Jordan. Photos of Punjaub Singh and John Waser and the Bridge at Nathalia.


Bridge over the Broken River at Nathalia


Visit to Shepparton

The Australian Indian Historical Society is visiting Shepparton Sikh Temple on Sunday 15 May. A photo exhibition of early Indian settlers in Australia will be provided.

Event Details

Event: Photo Exhibition
Where: 240 Doyles Road, Shepparton, Victoria 3630
Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Lunch: served from 10:00am; free
More information: Sikh Temple, 5821 9309

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Sikh Gurduara Sahib Temple, Doyles Road, Shepparton
Sikh Gurduara Sahib Temple, Doyles Road, Shepparton




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