Afghani Mosque, Shepparton

Afghani Mosque, Shepparton The Shepparton Afghani Community has had a long term vision of constructing their own mosque and have raised in excess of $1 million. They engaged a builder to develop the project which commenced in mid-2013 - the mosque is almost complete - and is already being used.

It is estimated that 135 families and 450 single Afghans (mostly male) live in Shepparton with a total population of approximately 1600 people. The Shepparton Afghan community started to develop from 2005 when many of the men came to pick fruit. Many then decided to stay and sponsor their families. Community leaders estimate that approximately 50% of the Shepparton population have arrived by boat and have experience of the detention centre process.

The Shepparton Afhani Community Mosque located in Enterprise Drive, Shepparton

The mosque is located at 17 Enterprise Drive, Shepparton and is accessible either from Doyles Road or Falconer Road.


Goulburn Valley Afghan Association
Mail: P.O BOX 585, Shepparton, Victoria 3630
President: Dawood Baqiri
Phone: 0422 924 342
Map: Street-Directory-dot-com

View of the Afghani Mosque. Beautification of the grounds is in progress.


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