National Police Remembrance Day, Shepparton

National Police Remembrance Day and Blue Ribbon Day were observed in Shepparton at St Paul's Lutheran Church on 29 September 2015. Victorian Police leadership and local community members were in attendance. The service was led by local Police Chaplain Pastor Matt Anker.

National Police Remembrance day is observed annually to honour the memory of those members of Australian Police who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Victorian Police leadership, community members, state government representatives and Shepparton Councillors along with faith community representatives attended the memorial. The service is a time for all to consider the cost of community safety. During the memorial, Superintendent Michael Sayer said,

We gather here because we want to remember members of the Police Force who have given their lives in fulfilling their responsibilities as members of the Police force. When we remember people, people become present to us. We pause for a moment's silence to recall fallen members.

As a sign that the memory of those who have gone before continues on, and in the recognition of solidarity with those who continue to mourn the death of police members throughout this country, all present were invited to come forward and light a candle of remembrance.


Victorian Police lighting the candle of remembrance

In the homily, Pastor Matt Anker - local Police Chaplain - spoke about workplace safety and how the community had a strong sense that accidents and deaths in the workplace are not acceptable. Police often do not enjoy the same level of safety as the rest of the community. Police officers undertake their duty of protecting the community with unknown risk each time they go about their duties.

Police and Congregation join Pastor Matt Anker in the Police Valour Hymn

The memorial service also included the Police Valour Hymn and readings on Remembrance. The service concluded with blessings on members of the Police Force in life and in death; thereafter, the congregation sang the National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair.

The Memorial Service concludes




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