St Brendan’s Day

Each year, the 15th of May marks the Feast of St Brendan in the Christian Church. St Brendan’s Day will be celebrated at St Brendan’s Church, 121 Knight St, Shepparton, at the 11AM Mass service. Festivities will follow on the parish lawn after Mass. Shepparton Interfaith Network extends well-wishes to all who find their faith nourished at St Brendans.

About Saint Brendan – The Voyager

Brendan was thought to be born in Kerry, Ireland, around 484 AD. When a child, he was taken to a monastery in Limerick and cared for by Saint Ita. During his studies, he met a monk by name of Barrid who had voyaged to the Land of Promise of the Saints.

Brendan was inspired to sail and find this island. He eventually sailed west from Kerry in a bark canoe made of tanned ox hides, accompanied by 17 other monks. Their adventures are narrated in a book called The Navigatio.

Brendan and his sea-faring companions were blown north to the island of the Faroes and then west to the Islands of Crystal (believed to be large icebergs). At last they arrived at the Land of Promise of the Saints and explored it for forty days. They remained there for seven years, after which they returned to Ireland. Brendan went on to sail many more voyages before dying at the age of 93.

St Brendans’s Catholic Church is located at 121 Knight Street, Shepparton. This church has been in Shepparton since 1878.

Virtual Tour

This virtual tour is introduced by Paul White of St Brendan’s Parish. The Presiding Minister for this service, the Father Joe Taylor, leads the service for Pentecost Sunday, the occasion which is regarded as the birth of the Church. The tour below also includes an explanation of the various vestments worn by the priest and the articles used in celebration.

St Brendan’s Catholic Church from Frank Purcell on Vimeo.

Services: Tuesday-Friday: 915am; Saturdays 6pm & Sundays 8am and 11am
121 Knight St, Shepparton
Phone: 03 5821 2633
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St Brendan's Church Shepparton

St Brendan’s Church, Shepparton

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