BumbleBee Foundation and Nepal Aid

The BumbleBee Foundation - NGO - has been in partnership with SADP - a sustainable agricultural development project in Nepal for some time. The BumbleBee Foundation has friends in the Goulburn Valley. The SADP has turned its attention to aid for survivors of the Nepal earthquake of 25 April and BumbleBee Foundation is providing assistance which goes directly to those survivors - in this case, tin to put roofs on houses and sheds before the WET season arrives.

Earthquake Victim Relief Programs

The Earthquake that hit on 25th April, 2015 have destroyed most of the part of Nepal. On regard to that team of SADP is concentrated on supporting victims of Tanahun district and Kavre district. We have collaborated with Bumblebee Foundation of Australia/United Religions Initiatives (URI) and different individual donors around the world. With little support it worth a lot for the people of Tanahu and Kavre district. Lets join hand together to support needy people in rehabilitation.

Coordinators from BumbleBee report:"I am working with many organisations in Nepal/ A very poor country, with no infrastructure to cope with the devastation that is happening slowly we are weaving the organisations together to align and support each other in this mammoth task." BumbleBee give account of their work on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BumbleBee.org.au

I invite you to share this with your contacts and also invite generous hearts to give ... to the appeals through the SADP - Nepal (Sustainable Agriculture Development ... sadpnepal.org/ they have a donation page on their web site

We have trialled the sending of funds, they go to the grassroots - straight to SADP - who manage and are all volunteers and we are sent invoices for the purchase of materials which employ the people. They need help desperately to build their homes before the WET season arrives. The wet ... is coming soon, and we seek assistance - just a little - a little from many can roof the homes ... and at the moment this is what we a trying to do.

The Shepparton Interfaith Network recommends your support as BumbleBee Foundation advise us that donations go directly to the aid needed, and quickly.

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