Spirituality & Diversity Discussions – a reflective practice initiative for mental health sector workers

Victorian Transcultural Mental HealthThe pandemic has created hidden aspects of mental health. People without inner resources have had to endure lockdown and isolation from others. This can result in an (inadvertent) deterioration of mental health. The Victorian Transcultural Mental Health will offer a discussion seminar on spirituality and diversity. This session is offered for mental health workers and is available to all who work across CALD sectors (multicultural) and may be of interest to those working in the LGBTIQ culture – where mental health and spiritual health may be of interest.

VTMH April Seminar 2022
Spirituality & Diversity Discussions – a reflective practice initiative for mental health sector workers


Jenny Greenham, Mental Health Leader, Spiritual Health Association
Justin Kuay, Consultant Psychiatrist, Victorian Transcultural Mental Health


Spiritual Health Association and Victorian Transcultural Mental Health have collaborated since 2017 to present a suite of learning opportunities for mental health workers. The objective is to explore spirituality and diversity and how workers might engage with people for spiritual care outcomes. The collaboration draws upon diverse skill sets which support 90-minute themed small group reflective conversation.

Into its fourth year the project continues to engage a range of clinical, community and peer workforce personnel. Participating professionals are supported to nominate and explore the challenges they experience when addressing the spiritual dimension of human expression and need in what has traditionally been a hostile medical model environment.

The presentation will review the evolution of this reflective practice model, share learnings and evaluation data gathered over three years facilitating Spirituality and Diversity Discussions.

About the speakers

Jenny feels privileged to work at the very fertile intersection of mental health and spiritual care, two areas of life that benefit from a steady focus to effect inner harmony and wellbeing. In her role as Mental Health Leader at Spiritual Health, she explores this phenomenon from diverse vantage points, bringing together different stakeholders in the ever-present challenge to influence health policy to reflect genuine holistic person-centred care.

Justin Kuay, Consultant psychiatrist, VTMH

Justin is an experienced, general adult psychiatrist and psychotherapist who enjoys working in education and service development. He recognises the importance of acknowledging spiritual beliefs and their role in aiding recovery from mental health issues.


VTMH seminars are open to individuals, from all disciplines and working in all sectors, who are based in Australia and interested in diversity and mental health.  

Event Details:

Program: VTMH April Seminar 2022
Topic: – Spirituality & Diversity Discussions – a reflective practice initiative for mental health sector workers
DATE:Wednesday 20 April 2022
TIME:3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (UTC+10)
Location: Online event access details will be provided by the event organiser
Register Online: https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing?eid=891498&


Victorian Transcultural Mental Health


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