Mooroopna – Talk by Buddhist Nun

The Tibetan Buddhist Nun, Ven. Robina Courtis gave a talk on Courageous Compassion at Mooroopna Community Hub on Monday 23rd September 2014.

Some 90 people went to Mooroopna Hub to listen to Ven. Robina Courtis speak on aspects of compassion. The evening was well attended, and Buddhist teachings were explained during the evening. Comments from participants shared a general surprise that Buddhist teachings, compassionate as they are, were found to be extremely close to the teachings of other religions. Questions from the audience addressed reincarnation, death, dependent origination and living well in times of difficulty. Ven. Robina Courtis explained the concept of skilful action. Participants enjoyed supper afterwards.

Ven. Robina Courtis speaking at Mooroopna Hub


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