Interfaith Meeting, Euroa

During evening of Tuesday June 6, Shepparton Interfaith Network will present one interfaith meeting in Euroa at the Euroa Third Age Club commencing at 7:00PM. These meetings are offered in order that the community members might be able to listen to speakers from different religions and have their questions answered in an atmosphere of mutual respect and harmony.


Believing, Bridging, Building and Bonding presents believers and adherents from Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh and Christian and multicultural groups to visit community centres and locations in the Goulburn Valley and present on understanding different faith and multicultural communities in this region. Believing, Bridging Building and Bonding will explore the best of shared Australian values which build, strengthen and assist in integration into new Australian identities. This is a journey of exploration in relationship to the various community hubs and community groups in the Goulburn Valley.

In the Interfaith Meeting, we invite people from a range of faiths to come along to the sessions.These participants give a personal presentation, in which they talk about their faith, and how they integrate this into their daily lives and participation in the community. Sometimes we learn about certain aspects of a different faith or religion that people may not be aware of, and then afterwards we open it up to the audience for a Q&A and general session.

The first of these meetings will take place at the Euroa Third Age Club on Tuesday 6 June at the Third Age Club, Kirkland Ave, Euroa, commencing 7:00pm


All are very much welcome. Admission is free.





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