Faith and Multifaith in Shepparton in times of Covid-19

Shepparton places of worship

Here, we bring you up to date with prayer and devotion in Shepparton’s places of worship for the current time of Covid 19 with Stage 2 restrictions. Christian, Buddhist, Muslim and Sikh communities are referenced.

Update: There are a number of new links added for Christian worship in languages other than English.

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Covid 19 arrangements – City of Greater Shepparton

City of Greater Shepparton LogoThe health of the Council’s employees, volunteers and the Greater Shepparton community is the Shepparton Council’s top priority. Council’s response to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) is being guided by the latest advice from Commonwealth and State authorities.
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Empty spaces amid coronavirus

Stay Home BillboardAll over the world, places of gathering for the faithful for prayer, devotion, offering and morning puja – are silent and the faithful are urged to stay away during this time of coronavirus. Here, we bring a collection of photographs from Reuters “Photo of the Day” of different places of worship in many different nations. They are empty spaces amid coronavirus.
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Christian leaders pray for end to pandemic

#PrayfortheWorldJoined by Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant leaders and faithful from around the world, Pope Francis led the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, imploring God’s mercy on humanity amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Pope Francis: The Three Elements Needed for Praying Well

St Peters in Rome - in lockdownThe three elements needed for praying well … Pope Francis told them to faithful worldwide to welcome his invitation, during his private daily Mass at his residence Casa Santa Marta, again offered for the victims and those affected by the Coronavirus, praying especially today for those struggling financially at this time. The Pope’s Mass can be watched at any time on the Vatican Youtube Channel.

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Reflections from around the world

The Sacred Heart of Humanity

Ours is a world of hope, care and wonder. Here, we bring prayers, reflections and poems from around the world in this time of pandemic, lockdown and for some, worry. These reflections – prayers, really, come from around your world.

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Live Darshan From Hindu Temples In India During Coronavirus

Hindu TempleSeveral Hindu Temples in India are offering daily live darshan and avoid travelling during coronavirus and have darshan from home. Majority of the temples have live webcasting during the arati period and important puja periods. Here is a list of temples and links to the live darshan. Notices are also given for darshan with Mother Meera in Germany, and a notice from the Mata Amritanandamayi Math is also given.
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Hinduism: COVID 19 and the Herd Instinct

Seed sproutDr Robert Svoboda, well-known speaker and author, Ayurvedic practitioner and guide to Hinduism, writes about the Mind and keeping calm in this time of “catching” emotions and thoughts from others. In this climate of uncertainty however many people are freaking out, and acting in ways that will ultimately benefit neither them nor their loved ones, in particular buying up everything they can.
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Call to Prayer

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change issues a Call to Prayer:

Let us each pray in our own tradition that communities everywhere will pull together with a common sense of purpose to slow the spread of the coronavirus, enough to allow hospitals to cope and a vaccine to be developed. May this crisis bring out the best in us, by our care with not risking spreading the disease and our offering assistance to those who are suffering because of it. May those afflicted be restored to health.

Let us pray that governments make wise decisions to protect their populations both from the disease itself and the economic impact on vulnerable workers. From this crisis, may humanity grow in wisdom such that we work together more effectively for a fairer, more sustainable world, one in which all people can flourish. Amen.

Along these lines, Avaaz has a great People’s Pledge that’s worth signing and sharing around.


 Australian Religious Response to Climate Change


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Cancelled: Shepparton: The Unbreakable Farmer

[raw] event cancelled

The University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health regrets that they have made the decision to postpone their forthcoming Public Lecture by Mr Warren Davies ‘The Unbreakable Farmer’ at The University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health due to the evolving situation with COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to rescheduling at a later date.

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Australian Muslim Artists Exhibition (Opening & Floor Talk)

Latrobe University LogoLatrobe University Shepparton Campus will display some of the shortlisted works from ‘the Australian Muslim Artists Exhibition, hosted by the Islamic Museum of Australia and sponsored by La Trobe University, featuring 2011 Archibald finalist and recipient of the inaugural $15,000 Art Prize, Artist Abdul Abdullah on the weekend of 14-15 March 2020.
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Young Shepparton Buddhists learn about their culture in Goulburn Valley first

Phra Satit Thitadhammo in SheppartonA Buddhism teaching session for children aged between eight and 13 was held on Saturday at Shepparton Senior Citizens Centre, in a Goulburn Valley first. With support from the Sri Lankan Association of Goulburn Valley and the Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District, the Buddhism Association of the Goulburn Valley decided to run this class to support young and eager Buddhism students.
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Shepparton: The Unbreakable Farmer

The University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health invite you to attend a Public Lecture Mr Warren Davies ‘The Unbreakable Farmer’ at The Learning & Teaching Centre, The University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health, 49 Graham St (opposite GV Health) Shepparton at 5:30 – 6:30pm on Thursday 27th March, 2020. *This is a community event and there will be no charge to those who attend.*
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