Tourist Destinations in Israel: A Guide for Travelers

Israel may be a small country, but there are so many sites to see and issues about which to learn. You could spend months touring the country and still feel like you need more time. If you’re visiting for only a week or two, consider adding some of these 18 cultural, religious, historical, and natural sites to your itinerary.
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There is no tradition of anti-Semitism in Islam

Some are suggesting that Muslims are bringing anti-Semitism to Europe. However, it was in fact Europeans who took anti-Semitism to the Arab world in the first place. Diplomats in particular played an contemptible role. An essay by Professor Peter Wien
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Sorry Day at Monash Park, Shepparton

Secondary School students from around Shepparton joined in the Sorry Day commemoration in Shepparton at Monash Park on the morning of 25 May 2018. Guest of Honour was Aunty Faye Lynam – a member of the Stolen Generations – who gave the Welcome to Country.

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Ramadan 2018

RAMADAN is observed by Muslims around the world as a month of fasting to commemorate “the best of times”. It celebrates the first time the Koran was revealed to Muhammad, according to Islamic belief.

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Shepparton: Launch of the Aunty Marge Tucker and Nanny Nora Charles Mural

National Reconciliation Week will take place from 28 May 2018 to 3 June 2018. In Shepparton, there will be several events taking place during this week. The Mural of Aunty Marge Tucker and Nanny Nora Charles on the Goulburn Murray Water wall will be launched on Tuesday 29 may at 11:00am.
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Remembrance Service – Aboriginal Servicemen and Servicewomen

Greater Shepparton City Council in partnership with Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation, Rumbalara Co-Operative and the Shepparton RSL are holding a Remembrance Service to recognise local Aboriginal servicemen and servicewomen who represented Australia in war on Sunday 27 May at 11:00am at the Eastbank Centre, Shepparton.

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Sorry Day, Shepparton, 2018

National Sorry Day is an Australia-wide observance held on May 26 each year when the Bringing Them Home Report was tabled in the Federal Parliament. This day gives people the chance to come together and share the steps towards healing for the Stolen Generations, their families and communities. A Sorry Day observance will be held at Monash Park Shepparton, on Friday May 25, 2018 commencing at 10:15am

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Buddhism: Bearing Witness

Bearing witness can be defined as acknowledging that something exists or is true. From a Buddhist perspective, and specifically the Zen Peacemakers Order, to bear witness is to embrace both the joy and the suffering we encounter. Rather than simply observing the situation, we become the situation. We become intimate with whatever it is—hunger, poverty, discrimination, disease, or death.

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Judaism: Origins of the Sabbath

The Sabbath (Shabbat in Hebrew) is one of Judaism’s greatest gifts to humanity. People in the ancient Near East had nothing similar to the Jewish concept of a weekly sacred day of rest. Other cultures in the past knew of a seven-day week based on the phases of the moon, but the Israelite Sabbath is not connected to the movements of celestial bodies. It stands apart.

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