Picnic for Peace

Much has happened around the world in recent weeks. Paris, Lebanon, Punjab, Africa. The media is filled with news that is not peaceful. In response, Shepparton Interfaith Network, in collaboration with community stakeholders, is collaborating to provide a Picnic for Peace at Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton on Sunday 29 November from 5PM.

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Congo Week 2015, Shepparton

Congo Week will be celebrated in Shepparton for the first time, next week. A week-long series of events at St Paul's Lutheran Church and African House includes documentary films, information sessions, discussions, music and prayers. All events are FREE and held at St Paul's African House at 54 Poplar Avenue, Shepparton. ... Read more...

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BAZm e Hazaragi

Hazagari community presentationBAZm e Hazaragi features the new documentary by Steve Warne, Robyn Hughan and photojournalist Barat Ali Batoor that captures the workshops and first Omagh Celebrations in Australia supported by MAV in 2014. It shines light on Melbourne’s Hazara community and will be screened alongside live music by acclaimed Hazara musician Taqi Khan, poetry performances and a panel discussion with community members and filmmakers.

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A Common Word Among the Youth

a common word among youth Following on with the success of "A Common Word between Us and You" is A Common Word Among Youth. This is a program fostered by the Right Start Foundation International which offers placements for youth between 18 - 35 to participate in training for initiating change and translating international issues into local community activities. ... Read more...

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Candlelight Vigil for Sydney Siege Victims

I'll ride with you A community vigil with walk around Victoria Park Lake will take place at 9:00pm on Friday, 19 December. The walk is organised by Al Kasem Youth Organisation, in partnership with City of Greater Shepparton, Word and Mouth, Ethnic Council of Shepparton and District, and Victoria Police Multicultural Liaison. ... Read more...

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Racism Initiative extends to Shepparton

Report Racism

Report Racism aims to create an environment where you can feel confident and safe to report any cases of racism you experience or witness (including racial discrimination and vilification).

Report Racism is a third party reporting initiative which means that people can report racism online or at a local community organisation as well as directly to Victoria Police or the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

Report Racism is trialling this initiative with the Aboriginal community. The Commission has partnered with the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and Victoria Police. Report Racism is being trialled in two locations – Northern Melbourne (City of Yarra, Darebin and Whittlesea) and Shepparton.

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Bendigo Eid Dinner well attended

Bendigo Eid Dinner Approx. 260 persons attended the Bendgio EID Dinner which was a most wonderful opportunity with members of both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities along with locals from Bendigo and guests from Melbourne coming together. There were a total of 15 guest speakers representing different groups and communities demonstrating that Bendigo is a “prosperous multicultural community of people living together in peace and freedom”. ... Read more...

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Shepparton’s new Houses of Worship – Community Centres

Afghani Community Centre SheppartonTwo new worship and community centres are presently under construction and nearing completion in Shepparton. The Afghani Community are constructing a new mosque in Shepparton which will also serve as a Community Centre.

St Paul's Lutheran Church is building a new place of worship. This community has a large number of worshippers from various nations in Africa and the new Church will also have an African House. ... Read more...

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Shepparton responds to Racial Discrimination Act Proposal


Many community groups in Greater Shepparton have come together to examine the proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, and to respond to these changes.

Faith Groups and officers of the Shepparton Interfaith Network have repeatedly participated in anti-racism enquires and reports and support all measures to facilitate harmonious relations and a lived cultural diversity, side by side in Greater Shepparton, be it in orchards, in the cannery, be it on the farms, in the industries, in our retail shopping areas. Greater Shepparton has a strong track record in promoting cultural diversity and harmony.

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Bank Orders Anti-Mosque Group to close account

Bendigo Bank

The Bendigo Bank is standing by its decision to close the account of a protest group which is fighting plans to build a mosque in the Victorian city of Bendigo.

The Bendigo Bank last week informed the Stop the Mosque group that it was closing the group's account, saying the bank only wants to do business with organisations that share its values.

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Goulburn Valley Community Services

Quick Links for Goulburn Valley Community Services


Vinnies Shepparton
Family Violence Services Shepparton
VincentCare Victoria (Facebook)

Goulburn Valley Community Health Services - now known as Primary Care Connect

Goulburn Valley Community Health Services - now known as Primary Care Connect - click for Website

Primary Care Connect offers programs in the following areas:

  • Counselling
  • Dietican
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Drug Diversion Program
  • Financial Counselling
  • Family Violence Program
  • Gamblers Help
  • Koori Services
  • Living Well with Chronic illness
  • Needle and Syringe Program
  • Parent Education
  • Primary Health Service
  • Supported Accomodation
  • Youth Services - Drug and Alcohol

For more information, see the Services Page on the Primary Care Connect Website

Greater Shepparton City Council

The Ethnic Council of Sheppartion and District offers the following services:

Settlement Support

Commonwealth funding from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship through the Settlement Grants Program (SGP) enables the Ethnic Council to provide a range of settlement support services to assist clients become self reliant and participate equitably in Australian society as soon as possible after arrival. [more...]

Community Support

Ethnic Council staff assist members and community organizations to make application for grants funding, to become incorporated associations, organize events and generally provide support in a diverse range of activity. [more...]

Four Futures Program

The Ethnic Council has funding from the Department of Planning and Community Development to support, extend and sustain community activity in CALD communities to better share information and resources and to strengthen community connections and partnerships.

Migration Advice

The Ethnic Council provides a fee-free Migration gent's service offering information and advice concerning immigration matters. [more...]

Refugee Action Program

The Refugee Action Program (RAP) is a Victorian Government initiative that works to strengthen and"empower communities from a refugee background to achieve sustainable settlement outcomes in local communities.

Sa'daat Foundation

Sa'daat Foundation

Sa'daat Foundation is a unique organisation established to make a real difference in the community. We are truly a multicultural, multi-ethnic, faith based organisation that represents all of the multicultural Islamic Community. Unitedly we advocate issues, develop projects and organise events that no other Islamic organisation in the region has been able to do in the past. We persevere in the interest of the community.

Click for Facebook Page

Future Voices


Future Voices contributes to the building of peace and harmony, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue and learning through education, understanding different cultures, communication and information.

We advance education by providing life-skills training to young migrants and humanitarian refugees that experience multiple barriers so they can succeed in education, reach their full potential and contribute to the community.

We improve social cohesion by facilitating the positive transition of new arrivals into our communities.

Future Voices is positioned as a driving force that highlights real issues that our communities face and creates opportunities for future generations. We specialise in creative innovation, empowerment, and advocate for the grass roots in communities to achieve their potential. It is a platform that targets and mentors youth aged 15 – 25 from refugee, migrant and low socio-economic backgrounds to create opportunities, enhance knowledge, foster and support community integration, and broaden understanding of different ways of living.

Future Voices: Website
Future Voices: Facebook

Shepparton City Council Home and Community Care Services

Home and Community Services

Greater Shepparton City Council Home and Community Care Services - click for Website


Sa'daat Foundation

MHAC Care provides a comprehensive and co-ordinated system of community care services for frail, aged,
people with a disability and their carers across the Moira Shire".

Through this commitment MHA Care now delivers principal programs.  These are -

  • Assessment
  • Respite
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Commonwealth Homecare Packages
  • Personal Care
  • Property Maintenance
  • Planned Activity Groups
  • Foodshare
  • Yarrawonga Community Opportunity Shop

To deliver these services, MHA Care employs 70 Community Care Workers, 28 Administration Staff and a team of 500 Volunteers.

Click for Website

Uniting Care Kildonian

Uniting Care Kidonian

UnitingCare Kildonian (formerly Cutting Edge) is a frontline rural support agency, working with marginalised communities of disadvantage in the North-East - click for Website

Victoria Equal Opportunity

Victoria Human Rights Commission

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission is an independent statutory body with responsibilities under three laws:

The Equal Opportunity Act 2010 makes it against the law to discriminate against people on the basis of a number of different personal characteristics.

The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001 makes it against the law to vilify people because of their race or religion.

Under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001, the Commission helps people resolve complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment and racial or religious vilification through a free and impartial complaint resolution service with the aim of achieving a mutual agreement.

The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities (the Charter) means that government and public bodies must consider human rights when making laws and providing services.

The Commission's role is to educate people about the rights and responsibilities contained in the Charter and to report annually to the government about the operation of the Charter. The Commission does not handle complaints related to the Charter.

Services provided by the Commission include:

Click for Website

Social Security Rights Victoria

Social Security Rights Victoria

The aims of Social Security Rights Victoria are:-

  • To work towards a guaranteed adequate income for all people in the community;
  • To promote the rights and raise the status in the community of all people in receipt of Social Security;
  • To work towards an adequate standard of living for every member of the community, including the provisions of and access to good quality housing, health, education and legal services;
  • To promote the redistribution of wealth through the welfare and taxation system;
  • To work towards a Social Security system that is accessible; that provides high quality services; and that recognises and protects the privacy and civil liberties of all people;

Click for Website

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Proection - For people who want to visit, work, study or live in Australia. Includes details of Australia's Refugee and Humanitarian Program. Includes information for employers about sponsoring skilled people to work in Australia. Click for Website

Victorian Multicultural Commission - Refugee Action Program

Victorian Multicultural Commission - Support for Refugees

In partnership with key agencies and communities from a refugee backgrounds across Victoria, the Victorian Multicultural Commission's work on the Refugee Action Program (RAP), formerly the Refugee Brokerage Program has met with great success in a wide range of service support throughout the state. To see the range of support services available for refugees, Click for Website

Rumbalara Family Services

Rumbalara Family Services

Rumbalara Family Support Program- click for Website

Rumbalara Family Support Programs has a range of support services including support for families who have aboriginal children between 0 - 3 years.

Become an Australian Citizen

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Becoming a citizen represents a commitment to Australia and its people. It gives a sense of belonging because you can fully participate in all aspects of Australian life. Click for Website

Citizenship in Shepparton

Citizenship ceremonies are warm, friendly events where you celebrate becoming an Australian citizen. You might want to invite your family and friends to be part of this important step you are taking, and to celebrate your citizenship with you. Citizenship is conferred on applicants in Shepparton at the Eastbank Complex in Welsford St, Shepparton.

Citizenship Ceremony dates for 2017

  • 6 April 2017
  • 1 June 2017
  • 20 July 2017
  • 15 September 2017
  • 9 November 2017

Australian Human Rights Commission

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

The Australian Human Rights Commission promotes and protects the rights of all Australians. The commission achieves this by:

  • making human rights values part of everyday life and language;
  • empowering all people to understand and exercise their human rights;
  • working with individuals, community, business and government to inspire action;
  • keeping government accountable to national and international human rights standards;
  • securing an Australian charter of rights.

Click for Website

Report Racism

Report Racism Website

Report Racism aims to create an environment where you can feel confident and safe to report any cases of racism you experience or witness (including racial discrimination and vilification).

Report Racism is a third party reporting initiative which means that people can report racism online or at a local community organisation as well as directly to Victoria Police or the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.

We are trialling this initiative with the Aboriginal community. The Commission has partnered with the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and Victoria Police. Report Racism is being trialled in two locations – Northern Melbourne (City of Yarra, Darebin and Whittlesea) and Shepparton. The Northern Melbourne scheme started on 21 August 2014. The Shepparton trial will commence later in 2014. It is expected that the trial will go for 6-12 months depending on take-up and response. The pilot will help us identify problems with the initiative and make improvements.

- click for Report Racism Website


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