Shepparton’s new Reverend hails from South Africa

Rev. Jerome FrancisReverend Jerome Francis vividly remembers a protest in his home town in South Africa, marching down the street alongside fellow university students, all of them scared for their lives. His friend threw a stone and was bundled off into a police van. At any moment, he knew he could have been arrested or killed. That was many years ago during apartheid, a world away from where he is today.
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Lessons from the ancient philosophers to help improve our lives today


We are meant to have desires and should worry less, said Aristotle, while Epicurus cautioned that most of the stuff we think we want won’t make us happy

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Paganism and Interfaith in the UK

PentagramPaganism – it is a word that can be understood in a number of different ways. Dictionary definitions vary quite widely from suggesting that Paganism is “the label used to identify those who do not believe in a divine” to “a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions.” Both are extremely broad and neither really helpful in providing an understanding of ancient or modern Paganism.
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Church leaders call for accurate information as well as prayers to overcome coronavirus

Scanning for CoronavirusAs a mass quarantine continued in Wuhan and surrounding provinces in China, church leaders from around the world called for accurate information and education, as well as a sense of solidarity related to the coronavirus outbreak. The death toll in China has surpassed 908, and the number of confirmed cases is now more than 40,171. There are also more than 200 cases of infection outside China.
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Judaism: Teaching Consent to Our Kids: A Lesson in Kavod (Respect)

Parent and ChildAs a parent and a Jewish educator, there are a few topics about which I am especially passionate – those where my knowledge as an educator align closely with my experience as a parent raising young children in today’s world. For example, a few that I take very seriously are my job to use car seats safely, to read to my kids every day, and to coach social-emotional skills because I know how much each of those things matter in raising healthy adults.

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Buddhist Meditation in Shepparton: 29 February 2020

Buddhist Meditation Shepparton
The Buddhist Association of the Goulburn Valley is cordially inviting you to attend the next Meditation Session which will be held on Saturday 29th of February 2020 from 10.00 am to 11.00 am at the Shepparton Senior Citizens Centre (132 Welsford St, Shepparton VIC 3630). In this article, we include one narrative on How to Meditate every Day.

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Buddhism: A new look at the Heart Sutra

Flowers Zen teacher Norman Fischer looks at the famed Heart Sutra and explains why compassion and emptiness go hand in hand. Plus, Thich Nhat Hanh offers his new translation of the Heart Sutra, which teaches the transcendent wisdom that frees us from fear, wrong perceptions, and suffering.

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From smiling at strangers to feeding those in need: What different faiths say about kindness

Logo with symbols of mulitple religions

From acts of charity to compassionate thoughts, kindness takes many forms in the lives of these believers. Here, ABC Life talks to believers from several different faiths about practicing kindness.

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How to Make a Spectacular Mistake (for a Buddhist Parent)

Penguin ParentMistakes are easy. As soon as we’re born, they begin. And without fail, they mark our inevitable rite of passage in the long, drawn out business of growing up. Hot stoves hurt. Hitting your brother is not nice. What we make up in our own minds is mistaken, over and over again, for reality. What about when your kids don’t like homework?

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2020: Chinese New Year

Metal RatChinese New Year will begin a week from now on January 25 after the New Moon. This will usher in the Year of the Metal Rat. ‘The year 2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat or the Golden Rat’.The Year of the Rat is one for developing greater self-awareness.
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Online Learning: Mary Magdalene ~ Apostle to Our Own Times

Various candles

It can be difficult to find spiritual companions on the contemplative-active way. CAC offers online courses to connect seekers from around the world. Self-paced, 100% online courses engage life-long learners in studying perennial themes from the Christian mystical tradition—in-depth explorations of teachings. Here, the Centre for Action and Contemplation offers an online course about Mary Magdalene.
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Keeping the faith alive: Judaism in Bendigo, central Victoria

Howard NathanRecently, a group of people gathered in Castlemaine to celebrate on the final evening of Chanukah. They are among central Victoria’s small but long-lived Jewish community, whose roots date back to the gold rush era. Former Supreme Court judge and central Victoria resident Howard Nathan said a congregation was first founded in Bendigo in 1854 after Jews came from England and the United States.

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A National Day must Unite

Australian Flags
There have been many reflections on the nature of a national celebration in Australia on January 26. It is true – verified by the High Court of Australia – that sovereignty over this land was never ceded by any group of Indigenous people. We must now look to ways to unite our nation, gain yet more history in solidarity with the First Nations as we celebrate together. A national day must unite.
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Approaching the issues of online pornography with your teenagers

Small University of Melbourne Logo WhiteThe University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health invite you to attend a Public Lecture by Ms Jenny Walsh at The University of Melbourne, Department of Rural Health, 49 Graham St (opposite GV Health) Shepparton at 5:30 – 7:00pm on Tuesday 11th February, 2020.
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L’Arche Meeting and Film – Shepparton

L'arche AustraliaOn the weekend of February 1 and 2 the President of L’Arche Australia, Mr David Treanor, and Mrs Eileen Glass, an International advocate for L’Arche and the Director of Development and Fundraising across Australia will be in Shepparton to speak to interested persons. There will be a screening of the film, Summer in the Forest on February 2nd.
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